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A Little Experiment

One of my goals this year was to grow my blog viewership. So I’m trying a little experiment this month and posting every day. Some of my regular readers probably noticed this already. I went from barely posting once a month (if that) to posting everyday. So far, I’ve made it.

I did this not just to gain more followers, but also to challenge myself write more. Way, way back in 2001-2002, I wrote a column for an on-line site and posted twice a month. It was fun, but I left because 1)no pay and 2) took me away from my fiction. After a few years, I missed it and then I started this blog. While I kept writing here in spurts, I do want to get more regular. Hence, the challenge.

I know for sure this won’t be a regular, everyday thing. But I’m thinking in May I may scale back to twice a week. But for now I’m going to keep publishing a new post everyday in April. (Yes even when GOT and Endgame are released. I may write them early and schedule the post.)