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Update Mid-October 2015 – Finish by Christmas

Here we are in fall and I’m still hanging in there with my challenge.

Tally so far...

Tally so far…

Submissions: 9
Acceptances: 1
Rejections: 30

I wish I could predict when I will get answers, but they are all over the place. Still, I’m happy to be hearing back something. The worst is no answer at all. Then you are just left in limbo. Some of these stories will eventually make their way back out into the world, but for now they are resting. Some of these rejections came in the past few days and I haven’t had a chance to find a new place for them.

Finished my edits and signed my contract for the new forthcoming story. SO EXCITING! As soon as I know a pub date and have an image, I’ll talk about it more.

You know, I wonder if I will ever get cynical about this process. I’m not sitting around obsessing over it, but it does give me a thrill. One more story out in the world for people to enjoy.

Other things:

I signed up for a quick 2 day class for fantasy writing. My first with the genre, but I figured it would be a good experience.

Almost forgot to write this post. I am firmly in the grip of the new Mistborn novel Shadow of Self. I have about 60 more pages to go.

Make-up guru give themselves challenges all the time to “hit pan” or “finish five by – ” on their products. I want to finish this novella by Christmas. That’s about two months. If I do that, I’ll be very happy.

That’s all for now. See you in the next post!

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