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I think I held the string too tight…

I heard this story once– Buddah was sitting by the side of a river when he heard a fisherman (sometimes it is a violinist instead) speaking to his apprentice. The fisherman said, “If you hold the string too tight, it will break. If you hold it too slack nothing happens.”

I think for the past month I held my string too tight. As I stood on the scale this morning, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I had gained two pounds. My heart sunk. “This is bull@#$%!” I muttered and got ready for work in a huff. I just couldn’t figure out where I went wrong.

In January I indulged, barely worked out, and went all off budget. In February, I was like a Nazi and it still backfired. I had to find a middle ground. So on my lunch break, I sat down and reworked my budget. My plans for a new car will just have to be put off a little longer.

I also decided to change up my workouts. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to a co-worker that I had always wanted to try P90X. She gave me her copy and said I could keep it. I just need to order a chin up bar. This will be a much more intensive program than I am used to, but I need to do something different. I think I have plateaued and P90X’s whole shtick is that plateaus don’t happen when you are on the program. As for the diet, that doesn’t scare me. I’ve been making diet changes for a while and the bad stuff doesn’t tempt me much.

And yet that new chicken sandwich at Wendy’s keeps calling my name. Damn you Wendy’s and your yummy chicken! Damn you!

Ah, let’s hope March goes better.

Other news, I was able to lower my insurance rates for my car. That will save me a few bucks. And eventhough I felt crappy today because of the scale, I still did my workout. As I went to shower off, I decided to use my most expensive soap, a scrub from Sabon and now I smell so good that it just brightened my mood. (Gotta love that vanilla, lavender, and patchouli.)

When the going gets tough, the tough take a spa day!  That’s my little nugget of wisdom for today!  I bet Buddah would agree…