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End of Month #2

Money hunt resulted in a whole $4.oo.  With that stack of cash, I bought oatmeal and bananas.  I know, I know.  It was a huge bounty!  Fancy grocery store ( supplied me with bread and plenty of snacks to take to work.  So February comes to a close and I just barely make my budget.  Tried not to get too depressed as I filled my tank. But it has to be done, otherwise I can’t get to work.

Big thanks to my cousin for driving me to the store (It was an adventure!) and then treating me to a couple of jamacian patties!  She has been very supportive of my budgeting, but she did ask me a question that has been on my mind ever since.  She asked me, “When would you be done?”

I had to think about that question.  I told her that it would be at least to the middle of the year, but more likely to the end of the year. Yes it was a resolution for 2011, but I think that this maybe a habit that I need to incorporate for the rest my life in some form.  I think that want to teach myself to live on much less. It does suck to run out of money at the end of the month and get the spare change, but I am learning.  As I look back, there were a few places earlier in the month that I could have trimmed and then I would’ve been okay.  So I will just take what I know and apply it to March.

I’m not doing this just to get a car.  I’m not in credit card debt, student loan debt, or upside down in a house.  I really feel like I need to be smarter with my money.  I’m going to be 34 this year and although, I didn’t have much debt, I didn’t have much saved either. But now that these other expenses are creeping up, and the economy is not on its feet completely, I just feel that I need to be a lot more restrictive.

One thing that I am sacrificing now is saving for a house. I do want my own place one day, but that will have to go on the back burner for the future.  I have been fortunate to have rented some nice places (Except for my first apartment which will have to be another post, because there was soooo much wrong with it!).  So I will keep on renting.

On happy news, I am sure that I have lost weight.  My jeans are fitting better, so with crossed fingers, I will weigh myself on Tuesday morning.  I set a pretty aggressive goal to loose weight  this year too (50lbs).  So, I am on my way.

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