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Love, Love, Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to All.

Even if you don’t have a sweetie to love, there are plenty of other ways to express your feelings.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things in life that I love and am grateful for.  Here’s a few things on the list:

  1. Family and friends, who to nice things for me for no reason
  2. Kitties who cuddle with me while we watch TV
  3. Chocolate tea
  4. Drinking said tea while reading the Sunday paper
  5. Warm breezes on spring days
  6. Going to work on government holidays (no traffic)
  7. All things Joss Wheadon
  8. Finding the perfect shirt/sweater/shoes/etc. in the store
  9. Good meal
  10. Body cream that smells so good, everyone around you says, “What smells so good!”
  11. My hair texture (feels very soft)
  12. Finding money in an forgotten place
  13. Laughing so hard, I start crying
  14. Hearing three great songs in a row on the radio station
  15. Writing something that I truly enjoy

That’s what I love.

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